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Although Rachelle has spent over twenty-years devoted to customer service and event planning, Center of the Plate did not take shape until July 2010.  It was a friend who was so confident in her cooking skills that she did not want anyone else to cater her wedding.  As an honor, Rachelle accepted the challenge of catering the full-service, outdoor wedding for 150 people with the promise that it would have the appearance and function of a professional service.  The wedding was successful under conditions that most caterers would have either completely failed or cancelled contract.  "Dinner Impossible" was made achievable without compromising on food safety or flavor; with six rounds of service (appetizer display, salad, entree, coffee, sundae bar, and nacho buffet).

Since the inception of Center of the Plate, Rachelle has participated in several culinary challenges from clients with food allergies, as well as continuing to serve large and small events.  Her passion is to satisfy her clients' vision through maintaining their budget, tailoring a menu to their tastes, and providing superior professional service.

Since her passions have stemmed not only from a culinary background but also from a sustained history of event planning, Rachelle has naturally taken Center of the Plate to a new level by redefining food and event production.

Center of the Plate was created for a wedding gift....
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