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Let us create your dream wedding and turn your vision into a masterpiece.  With our Wedding Planning services, we can eliminate the burden and hassle of all of the phone calls to get the perfect services you desire and choose.  Each detail is covered in our personalized planner with your budget in mind.

Whether full planning or catering is your option, Center of the Plate is here to serve you.  We have the skill and expertise to entertain all that occurs before the honeymoon night.  Always professional.  Always on budget.

Festivals & Galas

Make it classy with a well-organized event, elegant catering, or select dining service.  Entertain in style and relax as you let us do the work for you.  From planning to execution, give us the opportunity to have a night of memories worth savoring.

*Please check availability for holidays.

Special Events

Whether planning for 4 or 400, you can expect you event to be tailored and customized to your vision and executed on budget.

Perhaps you have an upcoming birthday celebration, bachelorette party, baby shower, work luncheon, or annual giving event?  The list is endless in how we can support you and your goals for a successful event.

Home Dinners

Catering can be more than an event, it can be an evening without cooking.  Ever have a moment where you wanted a home-cooked meal but not the hassle?  That's where we can help.  Whether you are planning a quiet evening for 2 or you have a house full of company, call Center of the Plate to lend a hand to your busy schedule... Leave the cooking to us!

*Requires advanced notice.  Subject to availability.

Health & Performance

Whether you are looking for a personal chef, meal prep, or fully prepared meals, Chef Rachelle can help you fuel your day!  Her signature line includes fresh, handcrafted juices (*FUEL) and meals that pack more nutrition than your standard meal-ordering service.  Call today to discuss your health goals and daily needs! 517-295-3570

Delivery and shipping available.

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